Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki - cd1, cd2

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cd1 duo works 
1. recorded at rush 04.7.14 pt.1
2. recorded at rush 04.7.14 pt.2
3. recorded at samilro changgo theatre 04.4.3
*samples from Otomo Yoshihide's 'The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus' are used on track1,2
running time: 48:24

cd2  solo works
1. 31.10.04
2. cdps1-1
3. cdps1-2
4. cdps1-3
5. cdps2-1
6. cdps2-2
7. cdps2-3
8. cdps2-4
track1: Chulki, track2~8: Joonyong
running time: 53:49

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This album is specially made for concerts at Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo which were on 2nd/3rd November 2004. It is a double cd album, cd1 contains Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki's collaboration works and cd2 is a collection of each one's solo works. Duo Works was released on Rasbliutto Recordings with one additional track. Choi Joonyong's solo work was released seperatly as CDPS 01/02.