Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Joe Foster - 4387 sec.

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1. 969 sec. [sample]
2. 701 sec. [sample]
3. 1497 sec.
4. 1220 sec.

 running time: 73:16

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This is the second album of 'sec' series, which is a series of improvised collaborations.
(the first one is '4462 sec.' by Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Sato Yukie).
These tracks were recorded at Joe Foster's house in year 2004.

[review by Hatta]
Sputtering, gritty, mechanical, rough - these words are what springs to mind on my first listen to this cd-r. Some of the tracks deal with continuous sound, but they are of such a rough, rumbling, erratic nature that it elicits a discomfort instead of the lulling drone this so often evokes. There is some really nice dynamics - a sputtering static, modulated at maybe a quarter of the volume of some of the other sounds, so as they play with space it becomes increasingly revealed. Or a wavery tone (perhaps from Joe¡¯s trumpet on drum, or mouthpiece on balloon cover bowl) that comes in from one channel, lingers for a bit and then fades away, as an arrhythmic spatter of feedback comes up. This CD is in line with one of the fewer interesting trends in current improvisation - rawer, riskier, more prone to failure and utilizing a much grittier palette without straying into the excesses of pure noise. This will definitely get a lot more plays.(