Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki - Pulse Music Suite I-V

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1. pulse music suite I
2. pulse music suite II [sample]
3. pulse music suite III
4. pulse music suite IV [sample]
5. pulse music suite V

running time: 23:29

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These five tracks were originally included in compilation for art exhibition called 'Living Furniture'. That compilation also features tracks from Korean musician Daytripper(aka Ryu Hankil), who helped Chulki and Joonyong to be in part of that compilation. Some tracks used samples of their former band Puredigitalsilence.

[review by Sato Yukie]
This album is by original name of two (not Astronoise). Though track 1 is very noise, from track 2 it becomes ambient sound. This CD has 5 tracks, this is suite. Entropy increases step by step. It is the end of the expanding universe, isnt it? Good. We recommend.