Title: A balloon for my spine
Artist: Davide Tidoni
Year: 2013

A balloon for my spine focuses on the body as a vulnerable system whose strenght is undermined by the popping of the balloon.

I recorded the piece with two microphones. I inserted an omnidirectional microphone inside my nose (left channel). A dynamic microphone was also prepared with a needle placed on the top head and held in my hand (right channel). The gain was set to the threshold of distortion.

The intentionality behind this micking/recording strategy (inner body perspective + reduced proximity impact + imminent saturation level) is to convey the emotional intensity and physical impact of the popping.

I recorded the piece on the stairs of my parent's home, a room whose acoustics (harmonic content, reverb tail, pressure) condenses/magnifies the ambiguous nature of the popping, half way between shock and contemplation, stupor and fear.