Balloon & Needle Compilation  - music made with balloon and/or needle

CD I   running time: 53:36

1. Davide Tidoni - A balloon for my spine (read the artistic statement)
2. Judy Dunaway - Fracture
3. Una Lee - 98 needle points
4. EVOL - Three hundred grams of latex and steel in one day(outtake)
5. Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta - Senza titolo(parte 4: omaggio a Mr.Dark)
6. Gen 26 (Matjaz Galicic) - KLK26
7. Choi Sehee - Point, line, plane
8. Benedict Drew - Balloon & Cymbal 2009
9. Eugene Chadbourne - Election day

CD II   running time: 63:55

1. Jin Sangtae - Fifty seven
2. Ricardo Arias - Crackle(Low)
3. Dave Phillips - Colony collapse disorder
4. Horio Kanta - Mike player 1
5. Hong Chulki - No balloon but a needle
6. Luciano Maggiore - Intorno #1
7. Umeda Tetsuya - use paper as a needle, put microphone in a balloon
8. Frans de Waard - Ballon mix
9. Lee Miyeon - Needle and my town


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These artists were selected for their experience in using balloon or needle(or similar instrument) on their music.

produced and designed by Choi Joonyong

review from The Wire (August 2014) by Julian Cowley

review from Vital Weekly(#947)

Subtitled as ¡®Music made with balloon and/or needle¡¯ it is clear what to expect from this double cd release, compiled by Choi Joonyong. He selected artists for this project ¡°for their experience in using balloon or needle (or similar instrument) on their music¡±. Choi Joonyong origins from Seoul, South Korea, where he founded the Astronoise with Hong Chulki in 1997, playing in a diversity of noise, improve and experimental outfits ever since. Usually he plays playback devices such as cd-players, mp3player, tape player, etc. He has several solo albums out and runs the Balloon And Needle label, an outlet for experimental music from Korea. The artists that contribute come from all over the planet: Davide Tidoni, Judy Dunaway, Una Lee, EVOL, Attila Faravelli & Enrico Malatesta, Gen 26 (Matjaz Galicic), Choi Sehee, Benedict Drew, Eugene Chadbourne, Jin Sangtae, Ricardo Arias, Dave Phillips and Horio Kanta, Hong Chulki, Luciano Maggiore, Umeda Tetsuya, Frans de Waard and finally Lee Miyeon. The concept is worked out very consequent and to the point, also in its design. It comes in a minimal off-white card gatefold sleeve with geometrical cuts removed. A needle and a balloon are included of course. The contributions are very diverse and, luckily, dominated by acoustical contributions. One wonders just a balloon and a needle can produce so many different pieces, although most pieces were done with some treatment of the original sounds. A satisfying and interesting compilation, with an original and effective concept as its trigger. (DM)