Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki - Duo Works +1

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1. recorded at rush 04.7.14 pt.1
2. recorded at rush 04.7.14 pt.2
3. recorded at kid ailack art hall 04.11.2
4. recorded at samilro changgo theatre 04.4.3

*samples from Otomo Yoshihide's 'The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus' are used on track1,2

 running time: 67:43

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Rasbliutto Recordings



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This album is released by Rasbliutto Recordings which is run by Bryan Eubanks, who is a saxphone/electronics player from US. It contains 3 tracks from bnn10 'cd1 duo works' plus one additional track. 50 copies are indivisually painted by Sara Siestreem. Thanks to Bryan and Sara Siestreem. It can also be ordered from Erstwhile Records distribution. (more information)

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 at Kid Ailack Art Hall 2004.11.2